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GMB@TC Construction

Dear member
GMB raised the issue of force leave and Tayside Contracts have agreed that you will not be forced to take your annual leave if you are furloughed.
If you are furloughed and are requested to return with 48 hours notice and there is a reason that you cannot due to the fact you may be the partner of a key worker and have childcare issues as a result, or you are to be shielding due to an underlying health condition then please talk that through with your manager. Tayside Contracts have agreed that they will be sensible and reasonable in each case.
All work should still only be done safely and construction will resume slowly AFTER the 28th May. This will always be done with 2 metre distance or appropriate PPE. For everyone currently at work, please ensure your risk assessments are in place and you can work safely.
Any return will be in conjunction with your GMB stewards who will ensure safe working practices are in place.
We continue to work with Tayside Contracts to resolve issues, but be assured we will never compromise on your health and safety and won’t agree to anything which causes you detriment.
Please raise any issues you may have with your reps in the first instance or contact us for advice.
Or call the following numbers -Monday All day
Tuesday All day
Wednesday – AM –

The contact number is 07946675969

Wednesday – PM
Thursday – All day
Friday – All day

The contact number is 07946661375 

Posted: 21st May 2020

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