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Dear Member

We have been in touch with the Service Manager for Operational Delivery to discuss the Health and Safety concerns you have raised with us.

We have followed this up in writing with the H&S concerns that were picked up on Friday in the kitchen, namely:

• 10KG buckets used to transfer waste into the machine being not fit for purpose and are potential trip hazard
• Very large yellow bins lined with black bags filled with food waste and how these are too heavy to lift and the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
• Flimsy 24 Litre storage boxes used to remove the ground up dry waste no handles and full as well as heavy
• Very large red/brown tubs that we were told are no longer used are stored on top of food waste machine and that these should be removed
• The route used to have dry waste to dispose into bins passes through a loading dock all doors marked “keep closed when not in use” being open with one door missing
• The concern around dust from food waste machines and how we found a layer of dust on both machines. Air quality could be an issue as one of the food waste machines is situated in a very hot and humid area of the kitchen
• Food waste being put into black bin bags and taken on trolleys to be skipped at Pipe Street

We have advised that we believe risk assessments should be carried out as soon as possible and the Official Side have agreed to a joint Health and Safety walk around. We will be meeting as soon as possible and we will keep you updated with any developments.

In the meantime please do not put yourself at risk of accident or injury by working in an unsafe way – if you believe that you are being asked to do something which may cause injury or is unsafe then politely decline and ask for a risk assessment to be carried out.

Please continue to contact us if you need any help or advice.

Didn’t get a text? Call us on 01382 225491 and update your details.

Helen Meldrum
Regional Organiser
GMB Scotland

Posted: 1st March 2017

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