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GMB@Tayside Contracts

Dear GMB Member,

The GMB met with management on 16th February to discuss issues brought to our attention and look at how we negotiate on your behalf in the future.

Jim Cunningham and Malcolm McFie were there to represent GMB members.

Here are the brief points discussed:
• Management advised the meeting that UNITE were not attending due to an historical outstanding issue/disagreement with Tayside Contracts (TC), however did not go into detail as to what the dispute was.
• There was a discussion, JCNF constitution, Trades Union Recognition Agreement, HR stated that TC did not have this in place previously and that GMB had raised the issue and that TC were happy to put the Recognition Agreement in place, there was nothing contentious within the constitution, however it was agreed that the Trades Unions would send substitutes if any of their nominated reps were unavailable.
• Your GMB stewards elected Martin Will, Gus Carnegie and Malcolm McFie to represent members at all future negotiations. It was agreed Martin and Gus will attend but if there is anything to discuss about construction then Malcolm will attend.
• There was a discussion on the Facilities JCC and TC were of the opinion that the number of attendee’s should be restricted due to the numbers attending. GMB will discuss this with the reps.
• TC stated that the transfer of the Perth Facilities staff would likely be delayed due to information on pay etc was not yet known
• The transfer of Dundee City Council Construction staff was also likely to be delayed and the transfer date of April 2018 was slim, Ian advised that there was potential to transfer the fleet earlier, however
• Management advised that TC could become the training and assessment centre for the 3 councils
• Management gave an assurance that they would sort out the long service days for Angus and agreed that all TC employees would have to be on the same terms and conditions and also enjoy the benefits of this. GMB will expect this to be sorted sooner rather than later.
• Management gave assurances that the different practises in Dundee and Angus Janitors would be investigated and resolved, e.g. the number of schools within clusters and the discrepancies in the rota for taking the call out phones
• Management advised that they have no plans to look at Construction grades 5 and 6
• Pre start checks will be looked at and discussed, GMB legal team are looking at the implications of the policy.

GMB is here for all Tayside Contracts employees and we will keep you updated after every meeting we attend in your behalf.

If you have any questions then please see your GMB rep.

Jim Cunningham and Helen Meldrum

Posted: 17th February 2017

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