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Dear Member

Today (3rd March), GMB member Greenkeepers’ who work for Leisure and Culture in Dundee were formally advised that the board of trustees have agreed they will be moved to the private sector to a company named I D Verde.

Astonishingly, we were advised that the current golf manager who has managed the courses into decline will be allowed to keep their public sector job with the very generous salary that they enjoy.

GMB members have taken a stand and advised that there will be no smooth transition to a private sector company and with the support of GMB will fight this all the way.

The reason we ask all of our members in L&CD to take a stand with the Greenkeepers’ is because this is what the future looks like under this management. Some of you may feel that this does not affect you – you’re right, it doesn’t for now. However, experience tells us that once one sector of a workforce is privatised, it can spread very quickly into other parts of the workforce. In other words, it could well be the start of things to come.

We are unclear how an unelected body of individuals who know very little about golf can make such monumental decisions about the future of people who work in the public sector.
Our members are dedicated and wish to remain in the public sector, along with all of you.

Remember that there is an election in May – if Dundee City Council are willing to oversee the privatisation of some of its’ workforce now, we can only imagine what’s coming after the elections.

Take a stand today, join a union, become a rep, get involved, start talking to your friends and family about the shameful venture of Dundee Leisure and Culture, under the umbrella of Dundee City Council.

We’ll be out to talk to you all very soon.

GMB Dundee
01382 225491

Posted: 3rd March 2017

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