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GMB@Fife Schools

Dear Member

The joint trade unions met with management today (6th March) regarding the trial in the kitchens. It’s safe to say that we believe this has been poorly managed with no consultation with the unions until now. As a result of the joint trade unions expressing fundamental disagreement with the trial being implemented without at the very least consultation, this was postponed until appropriate consultation could be held.

Whilst GMB are still completely opposed to the use of very expensive consultants when we are all being told that we need to tighten our belts, and the pay offer is very low yet again, the joint trade unions now feel as a result of more appropriate consultation that they can continue with their trial on the basis that it is purely a fact finding trial and not to cut hours.

However, the things to note are the following:

– Trial is purely fact finding and is not a way to cut hours for any member
– Trial will last for 4 weeks
– No member to agree to cut in hours
– No member to travel to any school without the council providing transport for you
– No member to work additional time without pay
– No member to agree to increases in hours or changes to hours without first speaking to your trade union representative

Please ensure that where you do not have time for tasks as a result of the trial, that you do not complete them and make sure you note absolutely everything down– it’s really important that the council understand how much good will you have all been working with under very difficult circumstances and lack of staff. We know that this is a difficult message for you, but it’s really important – GMB believes that the council should be employing more staff with more hours being worked not the other way around.

Finally, please make sure you contact your GMB representative if you are unsure of something. You will now be aware that there were claims last week that GMB had agreed to this trial when it was not the case – make sure you check with us first if you’re not sure.
GMB members will always have a say in what happens to you – any attempt to move towards cuts in hours will be met with resistance and you will have a say.

GMB remains fundamentally opposed to the use of very expensive consultants when we are being told that everyone has to tighten their belts –that money could be far better spent by hiring more staff.

Please contact the Fife Public Services branch in the first instance on 03451 555555 ext 473313.

GMB Scotland

Posted: 6th March 2017

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