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We have received a copy of the letter that will be sent to you by the employer about proposed changes to shifts. This letter lacks the detail we would expect and does not clarify exactly what the new position is. It fails to clarify what happens for those who don’t move to split shifts bearing in mind that previously you were told you would then have to reduce your contractual hours and accept a huge pay cut as a result.
It’s no coincidence that this letter has been sent to you today after we served formal notice on Friday evening that we will be balloting you for industrial action. Whilst we hope this means that the employer is now listening to you, the lack of detail means that this dispute is far from over. 
We will be seeking a meeting with the employer to clarify exactly what has changed. Until we have the detailed proposals from the employer then we will continue with our plans to ballot you and will seek to achieve a high turn out. 
Just to complicate things, we’ve also issued you with the Dundee City Council wide Ballot today – both votes are still crucial and please vote YES to all questions. 

Posted: 11th March 2019

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