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Dundee City Council Members
We are launching a consultative ballot today for our members in Dundee City Council and Leisure and Culture Dundee.
On Monday 18 February Dundee City Council decided to attack your terms and conditions, this is unacceptable.
Before 18 February you had:
·        Three years pay protection if the council downgraded or moved you job through no fault of your own.
·        Unlimited flexible retirement to help ease you into retirement.
·        A guarantee that you couldn’t be made compulsory redundant.
Now you have none of these things because Dundee City Council think you only deserve:
·        One year’s pay protection if you are downgraded or moved to a lower paid job.
Three years is in place to help you adjust your finances and maybe retrain to get back up to your original pay grade. One year makes al those things harder.
·        Your flexible retirement will be capped at 2 years.
Many of you have worked for council for 20+ years and this policy was ot allow you to continue to work but phase into retirement. Many of your ex colleagues will have benefited form this policy so why shouldn’t you.
·        That you can be made compulsory redundant.
Removing this guarantee means you can be made redundant and given the scale of cuts to budgets GMB want you to at least have some job security.
GMB think this is completely unacceptable and you deserve better but it’s down to you to send the council the same message, therefore we are launching a consultative ballot from today which will run until April 1st.
We need to know whether you are prepared, if necessary, to take action over these attacks so vote Yes on the ballot paper.
Make no mistake, if the council get away with this now, there will be further erosion of your hard fought terms and conditions, and it’s time to take a stand.
Only union members will get a say – non-members can join and vote – if you are aware of anyone in your workplace who is not a member of any union, encourage them to join today and get involved.
If you would like to get involved in the campaign or you need to update your details, please call us on 01382 225491.
We are strongly encouraging you to vote YES in this consultation to send a strong message to Dundee City Council.

Posted: 6th March 2019

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