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GMB have been made aware of several cost saving measures being proposed by the LACD Leisure & Sport Section.

This will potentially impact on our members working patterns and may lead to a reduction in public access to facilities.   Plant Operators, Swim Teachers, and weekend operating hours have potentially been included within the proposed cost savings measures.

Sadly this proposal will prioritise already vacant middle management posts over front line staffing?  No further information has yet been received regarding which posts will be directly affected by this austerity proposal.

Later this week, LACD Leisure & Sport Management Team will be presenting their cost savings measures to the LACD Human Resources Sub Committee.

A Trade Union consultation meeting has been arranged on Friday 15th March to discuss the impact of this proposal with the Leisure and Sport Management Team.

After which, GMB will consult members affected on its next steps, including the possibility of moving to an industrial action ballot.


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Posted: 12th March 2019

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