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FAO – Homecare, home helps and Community Alarm

Dear Member,  

After weeks of constant pressure from your union GMB, and the stories from those of you we spoke to as well as the GMB Union survey results from Homecare all detailing the tough and sometimes harrowing pressures you have been working under everywhere in social care within Dundee city council. GMB have forced managements hand in dealing with these concerns and we now have the following changes and additions that are being rolled out, we will detail these below –  


Dundee City Council have committed to recruitment and backfilling posts as well as the following: 

Community Alarm: 

  • Creating a new job description to put seniors into social care response 
  • Putting a senior on all shifts to support you 
  • Progression from the staff group from the controllers and responders to create senior controllers  


  • New staff coming in to the service to cover sickness absence and leave which should reduce the amount of staff needing to cover these and should reduce in-day changes 
  • Backfill the experienced staff 
  • Volunteers to join a floating team to cover sickness and annual leave 
  • Recruitment  

Home Helps: 

  • Away to remobilise practical support team  
  • Home helps recruitment 

In addition, a new management structure is being put in place. 

Rest assured that while we welcome these changes and are hopeful that these will make sure that the service and your working days will be much less stressful, we will be actively making sure that these are put in place.  If there are any issues that have not been addressed or they remain ongoing, then please let us know.  

The best way to stop these issues from arising, or to make sure we can get these issues resolved quickly, is for us to have some workplace reps. Please think about becoming a rep, speak to your colleagues and see if a few of you want to become a rep, this spreads the workload. You will be fully trained and would not be left to attend meetings alone. Please call and discuss with Debbie, Carol or Jim at the Dundee office           

Being in the campaigning union GMB in Dundee City Council works. Encourage your colleagues to join us today and they too can be a part of making your work better. 

 Not filled out your equal pay claim yet? You can do it here

or call us on 01382 225491 or email if you have any questions. You may be entitled to thousands of pounds of backdated money. 

Posted: 26th May 2021

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