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You may be aware there are proposals to move homecare staff on to split shifts. Discussions with the trade unions have not concluded and we feel that this is an attempt to undermine your rights and is a stark warning for everyone who works for DCC as we are aware that they are considering proposing changes to terms and conditions for all staff.

There is a demo being held this Saturday 10th February at Albert Square, Dundee at 12.30 which we would encourage everyone to attend. Please encourage your friends and family to come along too to say no to cuts to services, and no to cuts to terms and conditions for Dundee City Council Workers. Council jobs should be quality jobs.

We all use vital services which cannot afford to be cut. These include having your bins emptied, the grass being cut at the park where we take our kids, homecare workers who help our most vulnerable remain at home rather than go into hospital, Nursery staff and pupil support assistants who educate our children every day. There are so many services that we don’t realise we use that are at risk of being cut in this budget. This is why it’s really important for as many people as possible to turn up on Saturday.

If you’re not involved in your union yet, then give us a call on Dundee 01382 225491 to speak to someone.

We look forward to seeing you.

Posted: 6th February 2018

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