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GMB@ Homecare

We met with management yesterday and they advised that they will now begin to issue their proposals.

These are still to go to councillors and HAVE NOT BEEN AGREED.

They advised us yesterday that the 25 hour Contracts are not guaranteed to have 7.30 starts. We find it unacceptable that incomplete information was presented to the IJB and will ensure that councillors are aware of the full facts.

We still don’t feel there is enough information relating to the 30 hour Contracts to allow anyone to make a decision.

If you choose to accept a change in contract with lower hours then this may have a detrimental effect on your pension in future – these are questions you can ask of the employer.

Locality information is not yet available therefore we have no information about what teams will look like or where.

It’s really important that you receive the proposals and you get the opportunity to ask questions however we must caution against volunteering or accepting any change without seeking advice.

Please contact the office on 01382 2254 91 if you have any questions or to update your information.

Only you, the members will decide.

Posted: 30th January 2018

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