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Ballot papers are being dispatched from today to allow you to defend your terms and conditions.

Changes were forced through by the council in February, with Leisure and Culture quickly following suit, and the only way you can defend this attack is to vote YES to action, and YES to action short of strike.  Complete your ballot paper and return it straight away.

Homecare workers have defended their terms and conditions by turning up to meetings, telling their stories and voting in their ballots.  Every single member across Dundee City Council and Leisure and Culture Dundee now must do the same.

Speak to your colleagues, ask them if they have voted and encourage them to return their ballot paper.  Your job depends on it.

Until February, your employer could not make you redundant – they can now under the new policy unless you send the strongest of messages.

Don’t delay – when your ballot paper arrives vote YES X 2 and return in the post straight away.

It’s not too late to join to get a chance to vote – if you know of any non members, encourage them to call the office on 01382 225491.


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Posted: 20th May 2019

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