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Dear Member 

You’ll all now be aware that the council and LACD have rescinded the managing workforce change policy. 

We won!

You cannot be made compulsory redundant or have your pay protection reduced to one year or have your flexi retirement capped. These are things the council tried to impose and GMB members said “no way”. 

To everyone who got involved and voted you should be proud of what you’ve achieved. If you had not been involved in the campaign to defend Dundee your job would still be under threat. You have stopped this and You have protected jobs now and for the future. 

This isn’t the end though. This is really the beginning of the campaign to protect your jobs and the services you deliver.

Get involved, because it’s only you, the union who can take control of this situation. 

We have shown that in this fight and with the fight our home care workers put up that you have the power to demand respect from your employer. 

We’re particularly keen to have members from under represented groups getting involved to reflect the membership. Call us on 01382 225491 for more details about how you can get more involved in the GMB. 

This a good news story so please share this with all your colleagues. 

Posted: 26th June 2019

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