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GMB@ Dundee City Council – Proposed Changes For GMB Members

Your GMB representatives met with management on 8th January where we were told that management are looking to make changes to terms and conditions of our members.

Proposed Changes
The things that management want to look at are:

1. Working Arrangements – Increase normal working hours in day and normal days in week making it less likely people will be working at hours or on days that attract any enhancements.
2. Public Holidays – restricting the payment of enhancements to fixed public holidays only.
3. Allowances – Overtime/Shifts/Acting up etc. – to be reduced/removed
4. Local Agreements – removing all local agreements that are in place.
5. Maternity & Maternity Support – reduce to be closer to or at statutory levels only.
6. Cash Conservation of pay when redeployed through restructure – (currently 3 years – plan to reduce
to 1 year or even 6 months)

Every GMB member will be kept up to date before anything is agreed, you will all get a say on these changes as they will affect everyone. Please ensure we have your most up to date information (email and mobile number).

Posted: 14th January 2016

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