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GMB@ Environment – Proposed Changes For GMB Members

Ian Geekie, Jimmy Burke & Drew Duffy attended the second Management/Trade Union Meeting on 13th January 2016.

Job Descriptions
There are currently 25 job descriptions and management have proposed to reduce this to 5 generic descriptions with specialised areas on each. Your GMB reps have copies of these 5 job descriptions so please ask to see them as we will be feeding into management our views on these in about 2 weeks time.

Job Matching
We have not had the proposals yet about how they will match individuals to the new roles, once we get sight of the proposal we will share it with you.

Working Patterns/Start Finish Times
We did not get any details about what these proposals are, we are aware the entire council are looking at changes to terms and conditions which will over rule anything we discuss.

GMB will continue to attend and update members, please ensure you have given us your mobile number and email address to improve communications.

Posted: 14th January 2016

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