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Dear member,
As you are aware GMB has supported you all in your health and safety issues that have been raised. Leading on from this GMB have arranged an urgent meeting with TC tomorrow. Regarding Rotas, job and finish and Janitor’s hours.
GMB are the only union who have consistently raised issues with Tayside Contracts and it’s our reps, who are the ones who have pushed Tayside Contracts to ensure that you are protected at work since the start of the pandemic.
We have raised grievances under the health and safety act where and when needed . We do not ballot on H&S issues as this takes weeks to organise and is not getting the issue resolved ASAP, that’s why we take the grievance route. This is why we get our members issues resolved where this cannot be done through discussion. We don’t drag our heels on these issues.
Unfortunately, trade union wise we have been a lone voice on many of these issues and continue to be.
We will always campaign and support members. We hope that members recognise that GMB puts the rights and health and safety of their members first.
As always, there will be a comms issued after that meeting to keep you up to date.

Posted: 28th January 2021

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