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Dear Member,
We are surprised to learn that committee reports are going to Dundee, Perth and Kinross and Angus Councils beginning tonight regarding the proposed central production unit for Tayside.
We have today, written to your Councillors to inform them that we are concerned about the impact this will have on your jobs in kitchens across schools in our region.  There has been no consultation with Tayside Contracts over these proposals with GMB.
We want appropriate consultation and have asked that the Councillors ask for a period of reflection rather than progressing at such pace.  As a predominantly female workforce, we believe that there are equality implications over the potential impact of the centralised kitchen.
We believe that more time should be allowed for us to properly consult with you, and for parents to be consulted over these proposals.
You can write to your own councillors by following this one link and entering your Postcode.  You can also find your MP and MSP the same way.
Anyone can attend the committee meetings and you have the right as workers, parents and citizens to attend.
Committee Meetings:
Dundee (today) Monday 28th January Policy and Resources Committee (P&R)
Angus (tomorrow) Tuesday 29th January Children and Families and P&R
PKC Wednesday 30th January Lifelong Learning Committee

Posted: 28th January 2019

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