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Dear GMB Member
GMB Scotland in Tayside Contracts – Keep Our Kitchens
We have written to the Deputy First Minister John Swinney on the future of school meals delivery across Tayside – and with it the future of your work.
Mr Swinney campaigned in Perth & Kinross for the continued delivery of school meals made from fresh produce and in school kitchens. As a result, PKC has created more kitchen jobs to meet this objective.
It begs the question: Why are politicians in Dundee and Angus not doing the same?
Left unchallenged, the proposals for the frozen food central production unit will go through and some of you will go from working in a kitchen to an assembly line. That’s not what GMB wants for our members delivering school meals across Tayside.
That’s why are launching the Keep Our Kitchens campaign and we’ll be visiting your school very soon.
GMB is campaigning for more jobs through more investment in our school kitchens. That would mean better conditions for our members and better food for our kids.
We don’t want our members shifted from kitchens to the assembly line, a de-skilled and mechanical workplace churning our frozen food for our kids’ schools.
So we’ll be asking you a simple question: Are you prepared to fight to Keep Our Kitchens?
There is a meeting of Dundee City Council’s Policy & Resources Committee on Monday 13 January 2020.
We want to go there with a loud and clear message for our councillors: “Keep Our Kitchens!”
Get involved and join us.

Posted: 11th November 2019

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