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Dear member,
Now that some work is resuming, you may be asked to return to work and we wanted to let you know:
You should be called and given an opportunity to discuss this with your manager.
If for example you have caring responsibilities which may affect your return to work then please discuss this with your manager in the first instance.

Your partner may be a category 1 key worker for example – i.e. someone who is providing care in the NHS or social care then this should be discussed if you are struggling for childcare.
Additionally – you may have elderly relatives you are looking after and their care package has been suspended.
How do you get to work? Is this by using public transport? Again, speak to TC to see if any alternatives can be put in place.
These are just examples and there may be many reasons why a quick return to work isn’t possible.
If it can’t be resolved with your manager then please contact your rep or

Posted: 3rd June 2020

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