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GMB Scotland in Dundee City Council – Stop the Homecare Cuts!

Last month we won a stay of execution for home care staff threatened by the Dundee City Council’s ‘Homecare Review’ plan – a shameful attempt to force staff to choose between a mix of 30 hour split-shift contracts, 25 hour split-shift contracts and 23 hour single shift contracts.

Left unchallenged, the end result would have seen many carers forced to work longer and harder at the beck and call of management with no pay increase or accept reduced hours and less pay.

But the battle isn’t over. These proposals will be put before the council’s Policy & Resources Committee once again and the threats to our members’ livelihoods will return. The only line of defence between our home carers and the homecare cuts is GMB.

These attacks on the terms and conditions of our care workers should matter to everyone. It’s a workforce that’s almost exclusively women and among the lowest paid in the council with some of the weakest terms and conditions of employment.

Our carers are our mothers and grandmothers, wives and partners, sisters and friends. They look after Dundee’s most vulnerable people, maybe your own parents or grandparents. Where would our communities be without them?

The truth is that home care is just the first in line for the second decade of austerity cuts in Dundee the council will push and push for every possible saving – unless we push back against these short-sighted plans.

So defending the interests of our members in care should be an immediate priority for every GMB member across Dundee City Council. That’s why we need to stop the homecare cuts!

We will be in your workplaces and communicating constantly with our members via text, email and social media so its important that your contact details are up to date and, if possible, that you are following us on social media:

Twitter: @GMBDundee

And if you have any questions about this campaign or any other issue affecting your job in Dundee City Council, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01382 225491 or email

P.S. Remember! Dundee’s home care staff would be the first to fall. Let’s defend our interests and stop the homecare cuts!

Posted: 26th March 2018

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