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We attended a meeting on Wednesday 14th March with DCC regarding the Homecare review after the meeting in the city chambers.

Management have advised that they still wish to progress with split shift working however we have advised that we cannot accept any member being forced into working split shifts and neither can we accept any member suffering detriment as a result of changes to the Homecare service.

We have advised that our original position remains the same, and a further meeting has been set for May.

Further work will be carried out by DCC on the locality working – we feel that this should have been completed prior to being proposed to committee.

We have advised that the VER options should be explored with those who wish to go (bearing in mind that it may be too costly for some of you to go through the scheme) which will allow DCC to achieve some of the savings they want to make.

Management have stated that they wish to survey staff to see how many, if any of you wish to remain on split shifts. Please make sure you answer this survey as honestly as you can.

Management have committed to allowing those of you who no longer want to stay on split shifts the option of coming off them.

The most important message we can give you is that if you remain united and work together, we believe that we can secure outcomes for everyone that is suitable and we will be guided by you.
You are the Union.

If any of you would like to become involved in your union then please get in touch with the office on 01382 225491. Full training and support will be provided.

Similarly if you are aware of colleagues who are not in any union, please let them see this and encourage them to join a union. Only union members will have any say in the final proposals.

Posted: 20th March 2018

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