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GMB Dundee City Council Homecare Members (and please share with non-members)
Despite us being given assurances from social care management that measures are being put in place to help with workload and changing duties, we have been inundated with calls from you expressing concerns about what you are having to endure right now.
We know that recruitment can take time, however these issues are not new and many of you are telling us that you are at breaking point. In response to your queries and very upsetting stories we want to meet with you to let you tell us what you are prepared to do.
Management can no longer be allowed to run down the service while making your working lives so unbearable. We will not allow them to do this on the broken backs of GMB members so please, let us know where and when you can meet with us by following this link
It is really important you respond to this and attend a meeting where you can. You are the union and we need you tell us what you want to do.
and please let your colleagues know who are in no union that they are welcome to to join you but also encourage them to join GMB as, we may need to move to a consultative ballot.
This will be a socially distanced and safe meeting outdoors and we will have two meetings across the city.

Posted: 25th June 2021

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