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Dear Member

You’ll have seen further budget updates in the press today.

There are a raft of proposals which include cutting school support staff and early years staff, increasing the cost of breakfast clubs, cutting and reviewing a wide range of your terms and conditions.

They are also proposing to reduce voluntary sector organisation funding, as well as significant reductions in funding for cultural organisations, except for the V&A.

Make no mistake, these proposals will hit the poorest in our city and affect our kids.

There has to be a point where we say stop and this is it.  Your jobs are under attack, as well as the services we rely on as a community.

Come to the demo on the 16th February – assemble at the Unite office from 11.30 and march to Albert Square.  Give up an hour of your time.

Bring your friends and families.  Let everyone know about the 16th and turn up in force.

The council meetings are being held on the 18th and 21st February where our community needs to turn out and let parties of all colours know that we will not stand by and let them cut our council beyond recognition.

It’s time our leaders returned to the finance minister and tell them Dundee needs a better settlement.

Posted: 11th February 2019

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