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We have been informed that the cost saving measures proposed by the LACD Leisure and Sport Management Team have been deferred following the Human Resources Sub Committee meeting which took place on Wednesday 13th March 2019.  


At this time we are unsure why the original proposal has been deferred?  Or indeed what timescale has been attributed to the resubmission or review of this staff cost saving proposal.  


GMB is duly concerned that staff are being targeted in this fashion and will continue to campaign for a more transparent and conducive working environment for our members.  


GMB will ensure that our members have a voice at work and will keep you updated on any further developments.  


Our Organising Team will be recruiting at the Olympia Leisure Centre today from 9:30am until 4:30pm.  Have you completed your uniform tax rebate? Did you know that you can reclaim the cost of washing your uniform if you pay income tax?  Why not come along and meet the team who will be happy to help you complete the necessary paperwork. 


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Posted: 18th March 2019

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