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Dear Member
Vote YES for action to stop the Homecare cuts!
Ballot runs from Monday 4th February – Friday 15th February
At our meeting with you all last week, your message was loud and clear and we have been given a mandate from you all to commence a consultative ballot over the proposed Homecare cuts.
For two years, management have continued to offer scraps to persuade you all to change to split shift working.  We have been consistent in that we have stated time and again, that no one should be forced onto split shift working, and that we are not against anyone wishing to change.
All that is on offer is detrimental to your current working conditions or pay and you don’t think that is good enough. Neither do we.
As a predominantly female workforce, we don’t believe that the council have met their obligations under the public sector equality duty and do believe that they are discriminating against you on the grounds of sex.  The Equality and Human Rights Commission have agreed with us.
Affordable care for children or elderly relatives is almost impossible to obtain early in the morning or late at night.  You have the right to a healthy work life balance, and even if you did move to the 23 hour straight shifts at a cost to you of over £4500 per year for those of you on 30 hour contracts, the rotas have been created in such a haphazard way, that your work life balance would still be affected.
You don’t believe that what’s on offer is good enough.
We will be carrying out electronic ballots straight to your phones.  It’s absolutely vital that you contact the GMB office and let us know your mobile number if you would like to vote in this way.
If you are aware of any union member who doesn’t receive updates, please let them see this and ask them to call us straight away.
The office number is 01382 225491.
We will send reminders and let you know in advance when we are sending the ballot.
It’s really important that there is a good turn out to send a message to Dundee City Council that you want to be valued and won’t be forced to accept worse pay or conditions.
The joint trade unions are recommending that you vote YES for action to stop the homecare cuts.  

Posted: 30th January 2019

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