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Dear Member
For the attention of members who are SSSC Registered:


If you are referred to the SSSC by your employer, we provide a solicitor to represent you. SSSC send a solicitor, which is why we ensure you receive the best possible representation.

We have seen some cases that have been investigated by an employer, them finding no case to answer, then hearings being held years later at the SSSC.  It is absolutely vital that you are protected, as panels have the power to have you struck off, meaning you would not be able to continue in your career or be a carer any longer. The success rate of people at hearings is far higher when represented by a solicitor.

If a Union is asking you to join them and you work in care, ask what support they provide if you are referred to the SSSC.  Only 16% of workers are represented at hearings where you will face a solicitor. Being in the GMB really is of great benefit to all workers in social care.
Let your colleagues know about the benefits of being in the GMB.  If you would like a workplace visit to receive more information about this or any other matter, then please either get in touch by email or call 01382 225491.

Posted: 10th February 2020

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