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Dear Member
We understand that some of you are being informed your employer is looking for you to return to work.
We have written to Bentleys to ask what has been put in place to allow this to happen safely.
There must be an up to date Covid-19 risk assessment in place, you must be able to socially distance, and there must be safe working practices in place before your return. Please make sure you can access the risk assessment which must be shared with you. If you have any concerns regarding health and safety on or before your return to work please contact GMB for advice.
You are not classed as key workers and, as it stands, the advice from the Scottish Government is that you must stay home to protect lives.
We have asked whether further furlough will be considered, particularly for those of you who may have partners who are key workers and you need to look after your children or whether you have a chronic condition and should be shielding.
We would hope that Bentleys take a responsible approach and wait for the Scottish Government to say it is actually safe for you to return before they ask you to do this.
Please get in touch with us if you have any questions,

Posted: 15th May 2020

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