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GMB@Angus Homecare

We met with management on the 8th February and it’s safe to say that whilst they appear to be attempting to tinker around the edges of the proposals, we are still in fundamental opposition to the 170 job losses that this ‘project’ is likely to result in.

They have now produced Equality Impact Assessments for both the workers and the service users after we asked them if this had been carried out – the council believes that there is no unlawful discrimination taking place however we believe the opposite to be true.

We do not believe that the private sector can pick up this work, and indeed, we would want all of you to retain your current terms and conditions. Private sector employers do not operate with the terms and conditions you have. No matter how the council try to dress up how it will be the same service and that you will have good jobs to go to, our experience as trade unions know the reality. Terrible shift patterns with no consideration for your work life balance are but one issue we deal with daily in the private sector.

We are shocked at the letter that has been issued in order to gag you. Do not be intimidated by an employer intent on sacking you. Please make sure you attend the meetings that have been arranged next week – anyone who is not yet in a union can attend if you join on the day. Please also make sure any members inform us of your mobile numbers and email addresses as we will need to get in touch with you to keep you updated – these are the quickest and easiest ways to do this.

Be in no doubt we are gearing up for the fight back needed. Please attend the meetings being held on 14th February Northern Hotel, Clerk Street, Brechin at 12.45 & Wednesday 15 February at 2.30pm Royal British Legion, Helen Street, Arbroath for an update and to discuss next steps.

Please also attend the demonstration outside the Angus Council meeting being held at the Town and County Hall in Forfar on Thursday 16 February from around 9.15am to say NO to the cuts.

Together we are strong – NO to cuts – YES to good jobs and services.

Posted: 10th February 2017

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