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Dear Member
GMB have today, submitted a joint collective grievance against Tayside Contracts  management with our sister trade unions, Unison and Unite. Please see below a copy of the grievance that has been submitted.
We reached agreement with management earlier during the pandemic that annual leave would be returned to members who were forced to take annual leave and they have now changed their minds for reasons only known to them. This is unacceptable.
If you worked for a local authority, you would have your leave returned in line with the national agreement that Tayside Contracts agreed they would follow.
It is widely accepted that anyone forced to take leave during lock down could not use your leave to ‘have a break’ which is what annual leave is meant to be used for.
We’ll keep you updated with any developments and anyone who has been forced to, or advised that you must take leave, please contact your local rep in the first instance.
For Catering Members in Schools
Anyone being asked to go back next week as a result of Perth and Kinross and Dundee City Council returning a week early, please remember that this remains voluntary. Please speak to your manager if this may cause you any issues, and it has been agreed that you will receive the same enhancements that the cleaning staff were offered to work during the summer holidays.
Any issues please as ever, contact your local rep in the first instance or the Dundee office via email

Dear Iain

Joint Formal Collective Grievance

The joint recognised trade unions wish to lodge a formal collective grievance on behalf of our members.

Tayside Contracts confirmed that they would follow the nationally agreed COSLA guidance and in doing so, removed all reference to forced leave during the covid-19 emergency in line with local authorities.

Tayside Contracts management for reasons only known to them have now reneged on this agreement to the detriment of many of our members in construction and facilities. We believe that this is a breach of contract and a failure to consult.

Many of our members have continued to work throughout this emergency and Tayside contracts management should be thanking them not punishing them. In addition we have members who could not work through no fault of their own.

The government guidelines are very clear in that workers can carry over additional leave for 2 years to allow employers to manage this.


  • In Summary – the joint trade unions resolution is that the paper that has been produced which breaks our agreement is withdrawn but also namely:
  • That anyone forced to take leave during fixed periods of leave in April have their week returned to them
  • That anyone who continued to work during the covid emergency and had leave booked and still took the leave has that returned to them
  • That anyone ‘stood down’ as a result of Covid-19 has their leave returned to them
  • That anyone shielding and took annual leave has their leave returned to them
  • That when agreements are made, Tayside contracts honour those and work within the spirit of these
  • That if anyone cannot take their leave this year they can carry these forward in line with the legislation
  • That HR apologise for the waste of everyone’s time


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Posted: 30th July 2020

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