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FAO – Cleaning staff GMB@taysidecontracts

Dear member,
This email is to clarify the agreement for cleaning cover –
For secondary schools the agreement is that staff are expected to cover an area for 4 days.
For primary schools it is 3 days.
Both of these days cover are in total, not 4 days per week or month for example. Cover for holidays for example are planned and should be short term.
Long term cover becomes an issue when a school or area is short for weeks or months. When the 3 or 4 days cover has been reached then either additional staff should be brought in or overtime should be offered, however this is not compulsory. If there are no staff available for additional cover and staff cannot do overtime, then an Emergency clean would be done. This would involve cleaning any toilets and surfaces that are required to be sanitary, kitchen and toilet worktops. Picking up any debris.
If you are on a 16 hour contract for example then you are only required to cover an appropriate area to your 16 hours. If extra areas are being regularly given for week or months, this may start to impact on members physical health. Areas should not be extended. If this has happened then please get in contact with your rep or the Branch office on 01382 225491.
You should not be in the position where you feel that you cant challenge unreasonable instructions, as long as this is done in an appropriate way.
If you are experiencing any issues regarding the above please again contact your local rep or get in touch with the office.


Posted: 30th January 2020

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