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Dundee City Council Home Care Ballot Result

First of all thank you to every GMB member who used your vote to have your voice heard.

The result is that a 2/3 majority of those who voted have voted to agree to a split shifts trial. Please remember that this is purely a trial and in no way means that the imposition of split shifts is inevitable.

By agreeing to trialling the split shifts, this ensures that the joint trade unions will be fully involved in the trials, which will allow fair and proper assessment of the results at the end. We will fully involve our members before, during and after the trial.
The joint trade unions will not simply agree to split shifts being imposed at the end of the trial. It is likely that a further ballot would be held after any trial depending on those findings.
Please make sure that you continue to raise any issues as a result of CM2000 on the numbers provided by DCC and in an earlier briefing. The only way we can change the issues that are arising out of CM2000 is by continually reporting these. Your stewards will also be attending the forums on your behalf so please ensure you continue to pass any issues to your stewards who will raise these and will seek resolutions for you.

We will welcome any trade union members who would like to volunteer for the trial to ensure that a fair and balanced assessment can be made. Please contact your stewards in the first instance.
The joint trade unions will now discuss the next steps along with management to see how the trial will look. We will inform you of any developments.
Please encourage non-members to join us to allow all members to shape and influence the next steps.

Helen Meldrum
Regional Organiser
GMB Scotland

Haven’t received a text or this email? Please contact the Dundee Office on 01382 225491 to update us with your contact information.

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Posted: 26th September 2016

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