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Dundee City Council budget

Dundee City Council will be gearing up to provide a ‘balanced budget’. We know that in order to deliver a ‘balanced budget’ that this will more than likely include cuts (dressed up as savings) for the forthcoming year.
As your trade union, we wanted to let you know that we have obtained freedom of information requests in relation to money spent on consultants and bonuses for the top boss.

In the last two years alone, £267,035 has been spent on consultancy firms, whilst the chief executive, David Martin has received £21747 when announcing the results of the last four elections. We’re not convinced that everyone is ‘tightening their belts’ which is the message you get day in and day out from the council.

Let’s stop the council saying ‘public services’ and let’s start having a conversation about what you all actually do. Speak to your friends and family about what they think you do and get the conversation started. There are so many services that are taken for granted that you deliver which makes you the beating heart of our community.

You are the unsung heroes of our community. Do not let the council away with cutting terms and conditions in the form of ‘savings’. GMB will ballot all of our members affected if there is any attempt to do so.

Write to your own Councillors and ask them what they are doing to protect the services you provide, and how they are making the case that your hard fought terms and conditions will not be compromised to make way for cuts. You are their constituents too.

We do not believe that you should be the ones who are expected to continue to bare the brunt of the cuts, and we believe you feel the same way.

If you’re not already involved in your union, give us a call on 01382 225491 if you would like to. Encourage your colleagues to join us and let’s start the fight back to save the beating heart of our community, that is you.

Helen Meldrum

Regional Organiser

GMB Scotland

Posted: 22nd November 2017

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