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GMB@TC schools

Dear Member
Behind the scenes we have been pressing the employer to ensure you are protected at work.
We do not believe that there is any need to have all of you at work. Make no mistake, these are management decisions that are putting you at risk. In line with the previous lockdown, we believe that a rota system should be put in place and have made that demand clear.
We were due to meet with management today but the meeting has been postponed to tomorrow afternoon therefore our advice to you is that you should not be congregating in kitchens or anywhere else and should always be able to maintain a 2 metre distance. If this cannot be maintained then you can remove yourself from that situation to protect yourself. Please get in touch if you are not sure or need any assistance.


Yet again, a predominantly female workforce such as catering and cleaning workers are being put at risk. It is time the sex discrimination ended.

Updated risk assessments should also be carried out and if you have not seen one, ask for it.
Grievances should be submitted where you are being placed in any danger. Again, please contact us on 07946675969 or 07946661375.
Or email  or contact your rep if you need assistance with that.
It is completely unacceptable that with a more virulent strain of this virus that at the very least the previous protocols have not been introduced, and indeed, these should be reviewed and even more stringent than before.
GMB reps have also pressed them on the matter of childcare and they have agreed to look at furlough for those of you who have childcare issues – please speak to your line manager but contact us if you need any support with that. The furlough system allows for employees to be furloughed for this reason. You should not have to take any of your own leave, but TC have agreed that they will look at each case individually. As key workers you are also entitled to have your children at school, and we know that there will be times this will be difficult for whatever reason.
We will be issuing further guidance later with advice on how to assert your rights under health and safety legislation and if any of you contract Covid at work, again, please contact us as GMB has a Covid register which we will also be sending more communications about later.

Posted: 14th January 2021

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