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Dear Member,


GMB reps met with Tayside Contracts today and the concerns that members have been raising with on health and safety were discussed.

We expect that our members should be allowed to carry out a job and finish and not be made to hang around at the start or end of the day. TC were willing to be slightly flexible on this issue in that people can go once all areas are cleaned, but we do not believe this goes far enough.

We do not believe that members should be moving between buildings as we believe that this puts you at risk. TC were unwilling at this time to change this. If therefore, you believe that your health is being put at risk by being asked to do this, then you can submit a grievance, and your individual work should be risk assessed.

GMB reps raised the issue of reducing the number of janitorial compliment as TC have a legal duty to minimise the number of workers on site. No agreement was reached on this issue which is very disappointing. There is no need to have a full janitorial service available.

It is astonishing that in the midst of a pandemic and with a new more contagious and more dangerous strain, that they are putting members health and safety at risk.

With this in mind. If you feel that you are being put at risk, you can raise your concerns under the health and safety regulations. If you are unsure of how to do this please contact your rep or email

Our advice to you is not to share vans or equipment.

If you have an underlying health condition, then you MUST be risk assessed individually and we can help and advice on that also.

GMB reps will be meeting to discuss what next steps can be taken and whilst we continue to meet with TC over issues you are raising, there has to come a point when you decide something more needs to be done. This can take the form of grievances or removal from your workplace if you feel you are being placed in serious and imminent danger. If you are considering taking this type of action it is very important that you seek advice from your union to make sure you are taking the correct steps.

We will continue to consult with you over these issues.

GMB will never compromise on your health and safety.


Posted: 1st February 2021

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