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GMB@Tayside Contracts school staff

GMB Tayside Contracts School Members
GMB reps met with TC management today and we wanted to let you know the following:
Most catering will be placed on to a rota and TC have confirmed that this will be as fair and equitable as possible.
Where there are no pupils or staff for two successive days cleaners will be stood down but may be recalled at 6 PM for the following day.
Daytime cleaners will continue in schools where pupils and staff are present.
Current arrangements will continue with Robertsons schools until further agreements are made.
Some will be stood down in agreement with Head Teachers.
Janitors/ FAs
Full service to continue across Tayside (although we have asked for clarity on why that is required and will let you know once received).
We are not in normal times and we will continue to make sure you are protected. If you feel that you are being put at risk then please let us know, and we will help and support you to submit grievances or submit grievances on your behalf if necessary.
It absolutely essential that you are able to continue to maintain a 2 metre distance. Many agreements were reached last year which at the very minimum should be implemented, with risk assessments being updated to include the new more transmissable variant of covid 19.
If it is not essential for you to be at work yet you are being asked to, again, please let us know. From tomorrow, it is the law that you can only leave the house for essential purposes or for essential work. We would not expect you to be asked to continue to work in a school that has had no staff or pupils in for example.
Stay safe and encourage your colleagues to join GMB – the only campaigning union in Tayside Contracts.

Posted: 15th January 2021

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