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GMB@Tayside Contracts – Janitors

GMB@TaysideCContracts Janitors

We’ve received reports from members in Angus and Dundee that you are having SCP duties imposed on you. This was raised with Frank Reilly during the discussions over the transfer from the councils to Tayside Contracts and you all received reassurances that this would not be expected of you.

There have been some issues with this in Angus and we made our position clear at the facilities JCC. We do not have an issue with any janitor who is willing to undertake SCP issues voluntarily, however we will not accept additional duties being imposed upon you, particularly those which are outside of your job specification.

If anyone is having issues with this, then please see your rep in the first instance. Please note there is no agreement for you to carry out SCP duties.

Many thanks to those of you who have been raising this.

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Posted: 21st April 2017

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