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GMB@Tayside Contracts – Angus Janitorial staff

For the attention of Tayside Contracts Angus Janitorial staff.

Many of our Angus Janitorial staff have been in touch with GMB regarding the on call issue.

GMB have made it very clear that all of our members would have the same opportunities to influence negotiations and take decisions on the issues that affect them. GMB stand by this.

We have also made the position very clear to Tayside Contracts in that the last step has not yet taken place.

The trial was agreed, with a review to take place after that with both sides. The janitorial staff would then get the opportunity to vote on whether this was accepted or not. This process is the same as the Dundee janitors.

We have made representations to Tayside Contracts, outlining the above and advising that the process has not yet been agreed by our members.

We would hope that Tayside Contracts will pause the on call issue until we have had time to meet with you. We believe that imposing changes without agreement will adversely affect the good will of the staff and may jeopardise the view you all take on the proposed changes to terms and conditions.

A meeting will be held with your representatives as soon as possible.

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Posted: 20th May 2016

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