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Dundee city council frozen school meals you having Olaf……….

Tayside Contracts along with the council have decided to introduce frozen meals for schools and nurseries.

To do this they will need £100,000 from each of the 3 Tayside Councils at a time when they are trying to save money and making cuts to vital services.

The impact on the community is massive. There will be job losses from the catering and possible job losses with the suppliers. There will be shift work for cleaners and caterers. The workers, who are predominantly female took these jobs because of the hours and holidays while most need for child care issues. This could these hard working staff money for childcare and travelling.

Whilst they do this this will have an impact on the childrens relationship and education with most cooks who currently work with the schools to hold workshops to educate the children on healthy food.

We have also spoken to a nutritionist who has concerns that there wont be the variety now with pasta dishes etc being harder to freeze so they will need to pay extra for high quality ingredients.

They are saying this is saving money yet they are putting up the cost of these meals by 5p a day and with breakfast clubs going up 700% from 25p to £2 a day who is paying for this it is parents who are going to end up paying for this.

Stop the cuts to our school kitchens.

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Posted: 19th March 2019

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