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GMB@NHS Tayside

Dear Member
We met with management and other unions yesterday (Wednesday 2nd October) to agree a way forward for Band 2 Healthcare Workers in NHS Tayside who believe that they fit the criteria of Band 3.
Your line manager will approach you to ask whether you believe that you fit the criteria, and ask if you would like to be considered for a regrading or not and there will be a form to complete.
The timescale for the collation of this exercise will be short (4 weeks), and you can, if you wish approach your own line manager to indicate that you would like to be included.
We are meeting again on the 23rd October to discuss and agree next steps, however please be assured that you should not be disadvantaged in any way if you qualify for a Band 3.
It is imperative that every Band 2 Healthcare Assistant/ Support Worker has that discussion – if you are off on leave for any reason, then that conversation will be held on your return.  You will not be disadvantaged in any way.
It is completely unacceptable to us that agreements were made for a separate group of workers, but be assured that every GMB member who believes that they fit the criteria for an upgrade will have that opportunity.
If you are required to attend a meeting regarding your regrading (not this initial discussion) then please contact us for representation and don’t go alone.
We will consult with you regularly, and if any of you would like to become a rep for the GMB then please do get in touch with us by either replying to this email, emailing or call us on 01382 225491.  Full training and support is provided, with reasonable paid time off granted.

Posted: 3rd October 2019

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