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Dear Member,
FAO Gardeners only
As we previously communicated, your job role does not fall into the category of a key worker, therefore at this time you are not required at work.
Anytime away from work will be paid.  If you get any information to dispute this, please contact you union at – – we would urge you to do this you and not to listen to rumours. If anything was to change then we would be, as we have been throughout this, communicating with you through texts and or email. So please get in touch if you have concerns/questions.
If you are volunteering for anther role, then a risk assessment and PPE for that particular role is to be provided, this is of course in addition to any training required.
Rest assured that Jim Cunningham and your reps are raising any issues and we will continue to update you as we have new or further information.
Please note that the temp GMB Dundee number is 07946661375

Posted: 31st March 2020

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