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GMB@Dundee Taxis

Following yesterday’s meeting with GMB and Dundee City council.

GMB would like to advise our Taxi Drivers to accept wheelchair passengers unless there is a reasonable excuse not to do so, such as:
Health and safety issue – this would include when the cargo net cannot be used due to positioning of a wheelchair and where the wheelchair user and additional passenger has luggage, i.e. groceries, suitcases etc.

Where our drivers feel items cannot be safely secured, they may then politely refuse the fare explaining this is due to health and safety issues.

Please be sensible and accept all fares when safe to do so. Alternatively it has been suggested that a roof box may be used to secure any loose items. This option is not compulsory but is available for those drivers wishing to do so.

If you have any further questions please contact the GMB Dundee office.

A Taxi branch meeting is in the process of being arranged for August 2018. Details will be sent out once this has been confirmed.

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Posted: 18th July 2018

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