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Dear Member

Some of you on the lowest pay may be receiving letters advising you of changes in pay and a change to your terms and conditions and we wanted to let you know that this is not to be confused with the GMB Union campaign for equal pay in the city.

We have been in discussions with the council over consolidation of the living wage into the pay structure. This could and should have been carried out two years ago and Dundee is one of the last remaining local authorities to carry out this exercise.

GMB Union proposed a model that would have benefited more employees, however Dundee City Council refused this on the basis that it was too costly. We did not recommend this to our members as, while we welcome the fact that none of you should be having to have your pay topped up to take this to the Scottish Living Wage, the reality is that this could have been more, more of you could have benefited, plus there is still an outstanding equal pay scandal in Dundee where thousands of you are still being underpaid.

If you haven’t yet submitted your form you can here:

If your colleagues aren’t yet in GMB union show them this communication and get them to join the fight for equal pay here:

Below shows the changes that are to be made under the consolidation of the living wage:

  • Employees moving onto the new Grade 1 will be placed on scp 21
  • Employees moving onto the new Grade 2 will be placed on scp 22
  • Employees moving onto the new Grade 3 will be placed on scp 24
  • Employees moving onto the new Grade 4 will be placed on scp 26
  • Employees moving onto the new Grade 5 will be placed on scp 28
  • Employees who were Grade 5 and were due to move to the top scp, will be placed on scp 30
  • Employees in posts with multiple grades e.g. G3-5 or G4-5, will be placed according to their qualification or experience status to reflect an appropriate increment increase


Dundee City Council have assured us that if in the future, the Scottish Living Wage catches up with the lowest pay point, the Council will review its pay and grading structure with the aim of not paying a top-up to meet the SLGLW rate.

If you have any questions about this communication, or want to get in touch with us with a work issue then please call us on 01382 225491 or email

Posted: 27th April 2021

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