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Dear member,
We would first like to sincerely thank both Susan and Sheila for their service as reps and wish them well in their retirement.
However, this leaves a big gap in our rep structure and after speaking to nearly 30 of you all yesterday it’s clear that there are issues creeping back up. Not having reps has led to these issues escalating.
It was harrowing listening to these issues and what you are all going through.
We have the following issues that have been identified:
  • Length of time per duty
  • Travelling time
  • Additional duties being asked of members
  • Lack of Organiser availability
  • Lack of staff
  • Shifts
We have requested an urgent meeting with Karen Lesslie next week on Wednesday morning and has agreed that some members can attended as observers to discuss some of these issues. Please let us know if you would be willing to attend with us. We can help facilitate this. We are closed Friday and Monday. But please email in if you would like to attend. Debbie will get back in with those who have expressed an interest on Tuesday morning.
What we really need is reps and the more we have the better, so if there is a group of you that are interested then there are no limitations. 

You would be fully trained and supported.
In addition many of you asked about the £500 Scottish government bonus.
We have been advised that this due to be paid in April pay. The Scottish Gov allocated this money to each Local Authority and they are deciding on how and who this is paid to.
If you are not able to get through on the numbers provided please email

Posted: 2nd April 2021

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