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Last night (18th February 2019) in the council chambers, the administration, propped up by the Lord Provost voted to push through changes to your terms and conditions.  This was despite opposition from all other parties and deputations given by your union the GMB, and our sister unions.


They have unilaterally changed the no compulsory redundancy policy, changed pay protection from 3 years to 12 months if you are downgraded through no fault of your own, and will cap flexible retirement at 2 years without us having the opportunity to consult with you. If you are already in receipt of cash conservation or already on flexible retirement this will not affect you.

Make no mistake this is an outright attack on your terms and conditions and we will never agree to detrimental changes to terms and conditions for any of our members and we will consult with all of you to see what you are prepared to do. Talk to your colleagues and encourage them to join a union.

Further proposals will be heard in the budget setting meeting on Thursday 21st February (it starts at 3.00pm) which will further reduce your terms and conditions, reduce the voluntary sector budgets which will be devastating for those most in need who rely on those services, increase breakfast club prices by 700% from 25p to £2.00 per day per child.  They intend to cut pupil support assistant posts.  There are many more proposals that you should be aware of and you can find the paper here:

Many homecare members turned out last night to make their voices heard, and indeed they were.  However these proposals are council wide and will affect all of you.

We encourage you to write to your councillor which you can easily do by clicking this link:, and turning out where you can on Thursday to support the demo against the devastating cuts at 2.30 in the city square.

We will be consulting with you over these changes to your terms and conditions and will write to you to set that out in the very near future.


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Posted: 19th February 2019

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