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Dear Member

We know that Angus Council have now issued letters asking you to agree to a change which will be effective from 1st April.  We understand that there may have been an expectation that you would receive an additional environmental allowance to accept these changes.  However, this allowance would likely have created an equal pay situation in the council and would not be appropriate for one group of workers.  

It’s now for you to decide whether you accept this change or not, and whether you and your colleagues are prepared to do anything about it.

Workers shouldn’t be the ones who are always expected to take the hit when it comes to cuts.

We believe that councils should be bolder and demand more money from the Scottish Government in order to provide important services that the public expect.  The only way that this will happen is by the people of Angus demanding more from their council, and workers being willing to say enough is enough.

You can encourage your friends and families to visit their councillors to ask what they are doing to avoid changes to terms and conditions and job cuts and protecting services by following this link: 

It’s really quick and easy to find out who represents you and the wider community.

Contact us on 01382 225491 or email to let us know your views.  

Cuts aren’t inevitable if you are willing to stand up for your rights!

Posted: 11th January 2019

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