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Dear Member
URGENT T&Cs Update
We have received amendments to the proposals to change some Terms and Conditions of you, our members
Any communications in your own service area suggesting that the three public holidays in April, May and November have already been withdrawn are simply untrue.
At the meeting held on the 17th December, these amendments were provided to us verbally and we asked for these in writing before we communicated this to you to make sure our comms were correct. They were only provided to us on the 3rd January.
There has been no equality impact assessment which is unacceptable. We know that many of you who work in the community will be the ones adversely affected by the loss of these public holidays and we will be carrying out a 2 week consultative ballot of our members very soon.
This is another attack on your terms and conditions and should be met with anger. Angus Council staff have already endured significant attacks to your terms and conditions over a period of many years. Enough is enough.
We have advised Angus Council that the deadline for agreement of the 17th January will not be met as it is you, the members who decide on your future.
We will be in touch very soon with the details of the ballot. If you are aware of any colleagues not in any union, then please encourage them to join and have a say.

Posted: 8th January 2020

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