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GMB@Angus Homecare

We met with the official side last week and, despite representations, the official side still seem to believe that the interview selection process is still the ‘fairest way’ to select staff for posts.

They also still insist that they will be placing the burden of the cost of cars onto members – we have expressed fundamental opposition to this. They did provide us with example rotas, which should now have been issued to you however they still envisage everyone doing night shift.

It appears that there has been no equality impact assessment carried out.

GMB advice is not to accept a move from a permanent to temporary contract as this may have a detrimental impact on pension and redundancy entitlement to name but two.

We do not believe that there is any justification for these cuts and believe that to do so in such a manner is detrimental to jobs and services, and most importantly for service users and their families. Join us today and start gearing up for the fight. There is an alternative. Make sure you lobby your councillors, MPs and MSPs and ask them to oppose these cuts.

Please call 01382 225491 if you have any questions – similarly, if you would like a visit then please get in touch. If you’ve not received a text and are a member then please call the number and update us.

Posted: 2nd February 2017

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