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GMB@DCC Homecare – Survey Results

FAO: GMB Members in DCC Homecare

Dear Member
Thank you to those of you who completed the survey for GMB Homecare Members in Dundee City Council.
It is clear that the service is short staffed, and we will continue to push the council on this.
We have been informed that you are being told you’re not to say anything about the shortages of staff to service users and their families as well as your union which is just shocking. If that has happened to you then please get in touch with us. Things will only change when you feel you are able to share your experiences as otherwise, management will continue to deny there are any issues.
Both you, and those you look after deserve better and that will only change with better management of the service and more staff.
  • Most of you said you feel supported by your Organiser, but you also told us that you don’t feel supported when they are not working
  • More than half of you said that when you raise concerns these aren’t treated seriously by management
  • All of you said you don’t have enough time to care for service users most of the time
  • More than half of you said you are considering leaving the service
  • All of you said you had experienced extra duties being added on shift
  • All of you said that your duties are being cut short at short notice
  • For those of you on split shifts, 7 out of 10 have said that you feel tired most of the time and 4 out of 10 said you felt that split shifts weren’t providing a good service
Most of you said:
  • That you are rushing between duties as not enough travelling time is being given
  • Service users aren’t being informed of changes
  • Three members have been injured at work
Remember: You are the union, and we need people like you, who are doing the job to become more involved. Full training and support will be given along with paid work time for training and meetings – Interested? Email us or call the office and leave a message and someone will get back to you 01382 225491
Remember, you and your colleagues can submit your equal pay form online here: >>EQUAL PAY CLAIM<< if you’ve not already done so. Every day you don’t complete this you may lose out on backdated pay.


Helen Meldrum
GMB Scotland Organiser

Join GMB Scotland online

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From 1 Oct 2020 

Full time – Grade 1 = £14.57 per month

Part time – Grade 2 = £8.40 per month, GMB members working part-time for 20 hours or less and GMB members under 18 years. If you work in a school please check the current GMB rate with GMB Scotland 0141 332 8641.

Sick and unemployed members = 5p per week.

Retired life members = If a GMB member retires on or after 1 July 2015, they can apply for free retired life membership within three months of no longer paying contributions in line with rules 45 or 46. To qualify, they have to be permanently retired from paid work, be members for at least 5 years and apply in writing to become retired life members of the union.

Apprentices = £2 per month

Non-working Students = £1 per month, Students who are in employment will continue to pay the rate applicable to their employment and hours of work.

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Posted: 11th May 2021

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