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GMB Dundee City Council Education and EY Members

Dear member and non-members, 

We have discovered that you and thousands of other workers across Dundee City Council are being paid much less than another group of workers who are doing work of equivalent value just for turning up to work every day.
This is a complete scandal and is money that has been stolen from you over a number of years.
You are receiving this because you may be entitled to submit an equal pay claim for free by clicking here This can be backdated 5 years under Scottish law.
As a GMB union member you will receive 100% of the settlement achieved.
We want you and your work and everyone else in the council to be properly valued because right now you are being underpaid.
Let us know if you need more information by emailing us or calling us on 07946675969 or 07946661375  We also want to hear from workplace leaders who would like to get involved.

If you do two things today, complete your form here and speak to two colleagues and encourage them to join the fight for pay justice here

Posted: 23rd February 2021

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