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Dundee Home Care Shift Review

GMB Representatives from Dundee 1 branch met with management yesterday and we fed back that the shift proposal isn’t acceptable as it stands. The meeting we had at the Marryat Hall was well attended and not one member indicated they were happy with the proposal of split sifts and 15 hour days.

Management have listened and will now set up a focus group of union members that do the job day in day out. The job of the group will be to look at the problems the service is facing and see if we can come up with a fairer proposal to ensure the service remains the best service in Dundee.

GMB will be represented by Maureen McCabe and Rena Mulholland. We will continue to keep you updated as things progress.

We have started to text our Home Care members with updates so if you are a GMB member in Home Care but haven’t been receiving text then call the Dundee office to update your details on (01382) 225491


Posted: 25th September 2015

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